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Sometimes Its Best Left To the Professionals! Rossett, Wrexham

Jump to PhotosThis kitchen appeared to look OK from a distance. The trouble is, kitchen painters’ work must pass scrutiny up close. Homeowners spend most of their time in the kitchen with their eyes very close to the cabinet doors. When you open the door to a wall cupboard, the paintwork all but brushes past your face. And we have been told over and over by clients that every time one of our hand painted doors is opened, the urge is to touch the paintwork, checking it for smoothness.

Imagine seeing this every day, or running your finger tips over this surface. Ouch!

Shabby chic? I don’t think so!!

The intention of these painters was clear. They weren’t trying to imitate the naturally worn look of shabby chic. They were trying to produce a showroom hand painted finish. For whatever reason though, the end result is about as bad as it gets, except the paintwork wasn’t peeling off, more’s the pity.

Dustless sanding to the rescue.

“Paint applied with a trowel I think, with obviously no prep.”

I have long advocated the use of dust extraction sanding. Mirka and Festool lead the way, introducing the decorating world to the tools of choice of the automotive paint industry. 10 or 11 years on, it is almost unthinkable for a kitchen painter to create dust. The days of jokes about covering houses in MacDougals flour have long gone. It really isn’t funny, the physical damage that plumes of fine dust can cause painters, clients and delicate surfaces. And that doesn’t even account for the time wasted tidying up after sanding without a dust extraction system.

“I all but burnt out my sander removing the paintwork back to the woodwork.”

The paint process when starting from bare wood

I have a tried and tested system, using Benjamin Moore paints. I would remove any surface dust from the timber with a vacuum cleaner. Once prepared I then use a high adhesion primer, an undercoat and two topcoats.

Any dings and dents are filled and sanded flush with the surface. Open cracks are caulked with a flexible tube filler. Minimising dust at every stage has become second nature. Between the sander, vacuum attachments, tack rags and damp microfibre cloths, every speck of dust can be removed. I also have additional LED lighting to make sure shadows and raking light don’t catch me out.

The final colour of this Painted kitchen in Rossett in Wrexham was Acadia White.

Customer Review

Our kitchen was hand painted by the previous owners and the finish was extremely poor. We appointed Mark to completely strip and repaint the entire kitchen and the results are incredible. At a fraction of the cost, it looks like we have installed a brand new kitchen and we couldn’t be happier. Mark is professional, hardworking and reliable. Halfway through the job our daughter tested positive for covid-19, so the whole household had to isolate. Mark was completely understanding and continued the job away from our home and still managed to finish in the time he had specified at the beginning. Highly recommend!
- 27th Apr, 2021

If you would like a free quote for the price of sometimes its best left to the professionals! in Rossett, Wrexham from a reliable kitchen painting company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.