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About Us - Mark Of Distinction

I started in the decorating trade 37 years ago, when an apprenticeship meant something. I have been kitchen painting full time since 2010. Before then, I was in demand for paper hanging. So I would often spend months at a time, working on 5-star hotels and restaurants in London and Paris, hanging the most expensive wall coverings you can imagine.

I am passionate about my trade and have always pushed myself to improve my craft skills. In 2014 I had the opportunity to join the Traditional Painter network. The members are invitation-only kitchen painting specialists. Unfortunately, we cannot pay to enter. Andy Crichton first interviewed me at the Painting and Decorating Show in Coventry. On the strength of that interview and my portfolio and client reviews and additional research, I was invited to cover West Cheshire, Chester and N Wales for Traditional Painter, seeing as Andy founded Traditional Painter while living in Cheshire!

Ever since I have followed the Traditional Painter model and gone from strength to strength, we have access to the latest kitchen painting products, speciality techniques, and most importantly, the membership openly shares its hundreds of accumulated years of knowledge. As a result, troubleshooting and problem solving is rarely a problem!

At this point, I need to hand over much credit to my good wife, Hayley. For many years I can say that behind every good kitchen painter is a good woman. I don't know how she does it, but I can assure you, she dismantles and reassembles every kitchen I do to a much higher standard than I ever could. I kid you not! It must be her nursing background. Her attention to detail is fantastic and is duly noted by my clients.

To boot, she runs the office and keeps the website going, so I always know what is in the pipeline and what I need to prepare for accordingly. And with Covid-19 on the scene, Hayley has drummed into me the importance of a working policy that keeps my clients and our family safe.

We live near Wrexham, and I am fortunate that Hayley also makes sure none of us get too carried away with work. So we make plenty of time for our kids. Both of whom are fluent Welsh speakers and are into rugby league and the great outdoors.

In the season, we are all over the country following our team, regular trips into the countryside, good family times. It keeps us all balanced.

I am neutral and dare not comment. All I know is that for years, with Hayley in my team, every job goes smoothly, and everything I paint goes back in exactly the right spot and looks fantastic.

Again I point you to the reviews and testimonials from clients who have paid good money for my kitchen painting services. They are a testament to a well-oiled family team.

Hopefully, this resume is of interest and when you next consider upgrading your kitchen, give us a call, and we can guide you through the process. There is no obligation. I can point you to many articles which illustrate how you can paint a kitchen yourself. We have no trade secrets, and we are playing our part together, trying to keep the bar very high in kitchen painting.